Motocross Madness

The madness experienced by the motocross enthusiast has been well documented. The dirt bike racer, the freestyle artist and fans alike go into a kind of mental trance that brings the entire stadium into a cloud of temporary madness.

It must be the sound of the motorcycle engine or the roar of the crowds that brings the stadium into a state of frenzy only topped by the sound of rubber mashing into dirt. Madness need not be experienced once you have developed your mind to understand and comprehend the "thing" that drives us all to the edge.

A proper support group is recommended, bring your family, friends and loved ones. But beware, as the madness could overtake and overwelm any one of them, and in return compounding the craziness that is experienced. Motocross racers and free style artists must endure the bliss of madness firthand. They are the riders who are on top of the beasts we call the big 4 of japan. Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. These are the instruments of madness. The riders must engage these big 4 machines and straddle the motorcycle into a controllable, manageable fear. The madness cannot be stopped, only endured until the next race!
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