Motorcycle Chains

The motorcycle chain connects the rear wheel to the engine. Gives your bike it's speed, torque and power. Without the chain, your bike isn't going anywhere. It is possible to adjust, tweek and personalize your bike to take the most advantage of your chain for maximum speed or gas mileage.

Sag Adjustment
A drive chain that is put on the motorcycle too tight speeds up wear by putting excessive pressure on the sprocket teeth, the chain joints and the shaft bearings. On the other hand, a chain that is too loose will wear quickly and may have a whip action that can cause it to snap. A chain that is too tight or too loose will result in excessive elongation or streching. Normal sag is about 3/4 of an inch*. To check, press down on the top strand of the drive chain with your fingers. Tighten or loosen to achieve 3/4"*.

*This is normal sag, however, your specific motorcycle requirements may vary. Please consult your dealer or owners manual. For motocross motorcycles, please consult the owner's manual or a qualified mechanic.

Tsubaki High Quality Solid Roller "QR" Series Chain
These are exclusively for motorcycles originally equipped with non o-ring chain. The performance features include solid rollers, curl formed bushings, and heavy press fit pins with quad staked riveting. All vital parts have been heat treated and shot peened for maximum strength and minuimum weight. The Motorcycle Chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to reduce initial chain stretch.

MSR Reinforced Motorcycle Chains
With a heavy-duty construction, these are designed to endure the demands of off-road use. The high carbon pins have an advanced heat treatment and smooth surface for greater wear. The gold outer plates have grey rollers.

MSR Professional Motorcycle Chains
These have the lightest possible weight with maximum performance. The shot-peened alloy steel plates and special "chromized" pins on the RX3 eliminates wear, giving the longest life possible. The gold outer plates have grey rollers.

MSR O-Ring Motorcycle Chains
These are top-quality long life Motorcycle Chains, all featuring solid extended bushings and tough elastomer o-rings which seal a special vacuum injected grease into the critical pin/bushing areas. Constant lubrication, together with the quality of material, provide outstanding wear resistance which makes the Regina O-ring chain the best for all applications. All of these have gold outer plates with copper rollers except 530-ZRT which has gold outer plates with grey rollers.

MSR Z-Ring Motorcycle Chains
The Z-ring seals in the factory injected lubrication at 4 points as opposed to the 2 sealing points of a normal O-Ring. Constant lubrication reaults in lower friction and higher wear resistance. The gold outer plates have black rollers.
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