Motorcycle Chrome

Motorcross Freestyle is an X-Game sport that is breathtaking to behold and awesome to witness. To imagine the things that these daredevils do on 2 wheels is absolutely amazing.

The sport of motorcross freestyle involves taking a motorcross bike, dirt bike, or off road bike ( usually manufactured by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki) and doing the most eye-popping stunts in the air. These are nothing short of death defying acts, whereby the participants should have their brain examined for either extreme courage or stupidity.

It's not unusual for motorcross freestyle-ists to break bones, limbs, and even lose their lives during a daredevil stunt.

Many of these motorcross freestyle stunts involve acrobatics in the air, flips, turns, aerial maneuvers, letting go of a hand, feet, standing on the bike in mid-air, flying with the motorcycle ala Superman, and my personal favorite; the triple loop!

Each stunt is hair raising, and extremely dangerous. It is a beauty to behold.
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