Motorcycle Helmet

Today's advanced motorcycle helmets are better, stronger, safer, and more stylish than the one's of the past. Today's advanced composite materials are more impact resistant and will better protect the rider from a major head injury.

The DOT and SNell certification is a great indicator of the safety's helmet. Where exactly, or how by how much the helmet passed these two certification is specifically unknown.

Beyond safety, other factors come into consideration when selecting your motorcycle helmet. Factors include: Style, design, comfort & fit, weight, and type.

Depending on what type of bike you're riding, you may want a half helmet, top hat helmet, or perhaps a full sized helmet. Full sized helmets rae always recommended since they protect your entire head and facial area.

Half helmets are the least safe. Expose most of your face to the elements and are less securely on your skull.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, full sized, full face helmets provide the best protection. They cover your entire skull and are most securely fitted for your head.

Comfort is a major issue. Some helmets are designed for round heads. Some for oval, some for square. Try on different brands, and see which ones are designed best for your skull.

Style and design are subjective components. Whether they are solid colors, metallic, or a graphic design, whatever helmet design catches your fancy is your thing. Find something that matches your bike, your jacket, and gloves.

Adding a custom graphic on your helmet can hand hundreds or thousands of dollars to your helmet. For years, Troy Lee Designs was the design house for Shoei, custom painting their helmets with the newest and jazziest new styles.
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