Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are a highly recommended part of a rider's apparel inventory. As a helmet protects your head, a glove protects your hands, and a boot protects your feet, a jacket protects your upper body, and arms in the event of a fall.

Beyond the style, appearance and looks, a motorcycle jacket's #1 priority is to protect your body from a crash. It's the only thing between you and a concrete road that's skidding at 55+ miles per hour during a fall. Imagine your skin getting pealed off! Your motorcycle jacket is the only thing that gives you any form of protection!

Leather jackets have always been the preferred choice. Today, you have the choice of standard leather jackets, motorcycle leather jackets, and motorcycle textile jackets.

Jackets that were designed for motorcycle riding is recommended because they are best designed to protect you from a fall. You will not come out unscathed. You will get hurt. You will get burnt. You will have ripped skin. It's just a question of degree. How damanged will you be is largely a question of how you fell, how fast were you going, what are you sliding against and what are you wearing!

The better jacket you wear, the less you'll be damaged.

Buy a motorcycle jacket reinforced with a spine and other high impact plastic armor. You can bet your skin and bones on it!
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