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Motorcycle Pistons

Motorcycle pistons are an important part of a bike. Without the pistons your bike won't run. The pistons work with the cylinders of your bike to create power and torque for your bike.

Your bike pistons will eventually need to be replaced. The running distance between the cylinder and the piston will determine the design. The pistons must also have the proper compression height. We want fuel to burn most efficiently with the proper mixture of oxygen and gas.

Use, wear and tear will require replacement of your piston. As pistons wear out, your engine will tend to use up and waste more oil. Engine efficiency will be reduced. Not having enough oil or the lack of the timely replacement of your oil can also lead to pre-mature piston failure.

When replacing your bike pistons, new circlips must always be used to retain the gudgeon pin. Circlips are cheap, so don't scrimp on this.