Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Motorcycle spark plugs are very similar to spark plugs of any motor engine. Such as those that are fitted for auto engines. A spark plug is an electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of the motorcycle internal combustion engine and ignites compressed aerosol gasoline via the electric spark. Thus the name - Spark Plugs.

The original spark plugs were patented by Robert Bosch and Richard Simms.

Most engines can be divided into two types. Those that use spark plugs and those that use compression ignition or diesel engines.

The ignition coil gives the spark plug it's power. The ignition coil generates thousands of volts of electricity. The spark plug is made up of the following parts: The Terminal, Ribs, Insulator, Seals, Metal Case, Insulator Tip, Side Electrode or Ground Electrode, Center Electrode.

Top branded motorcycle spark plugs include NGK, Champion & Splitfire.
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