Motorcycle Tire

Motorcycle tires or (tyres) UK spelling are the wheels of your bike. They grip the road and keep your bike riding at it's best condition. It's great cushioning for your bike and gives the "grip" you need to make those hair pin turns.

Air filled motorcycle tires are known as pneumatic tires. They are made of flexible elostomer material or rubber with reinforcing wires to hold it's shape. The air compresses as the wheel goes over any bumps to act as a kind of shock absorber. Solid tires without air have been attempted without much success. Air is the critical ingredient necessary to create that nice smooth ride. With air, you have the potential of getting a flat. Nobody wants to get a flat; it's dangerous and a pain in the butt.

Motorcycle tires are mounted around a steel rim. The size, material, and shape of the tire will determine it's overall value and performance. Depending on your needs, you want to purchase and install the right tire for you. Whether it's overall gas mileage value, speed, performance or reliability.

You want to insure that your tire doesn't become too worn out or thin. You need to change and replace them as soon as that happens.

Types of tires:

* Performance tires. Designed for higher speed. Often uses a softer rubber material for improved tracted. They wear out faster however. Performance tires are also good for use in the summer.

* Winter Tires are designed to remain very pliable in very cold conditions. They often have fine grooves and siping in the thread patterns. Designed to bite into the road; ice or snow. Winter tires may also be worn with studs or chains for extra traction.

* All Season Tires are outfitted on most automobiles and motorcycles. They are designed to fit most conditions, but none perfectly. They seek to find the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and wet harsh weather conditions.

* All Terrain Tires are used on trucks, SUVs, and off road, motorcross motorcycles. They often have stiffer side walls for greater resistance to puncture.

* Mud Tires are normally very large, chunky threaded and designed to bite into heavy and deep mud. They are very wide and designed for heavy vehicles. Mud tires are not well designed for road use.
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