Motorcycle Used Parts

Used motorcycle parts can be a good buy. Check your local sources for the latest listings. One item that you may think twice about getting used is a motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets are "perishable" goods. They are never the same after being worn and especially dropped. That used helmet you're buying could've been dropped or been involved in an accident. With the outside shell visible to the eye completely in tact, you may never know the exact condition of the helmet. Some manufacturers like Shoei, offer free inspections. Most helmets should be replaced in about 3-5 years anyways, so compromising the integrity of your helmet by buying used could be a life or death decision. I recommend that you do not play Russian Roulette with your life and buy a new helmet

Other motorcycle used parts that can be obtained used are any accessories or parts for the actual motorcycle. For example, handlebars, mirrors, exhausts, tires, fenders, horns, grips. All these things can be used and fairly ok.

Apparel items you can buy used are jackets, gloves, boots, protectors and jerseys. The motorcycle itself can be used. Inspect the motorcycle part carefully before forking down your cash.

Sources of motorcycle used parts:
. Local trade papers
. Newspapers
. Free Motorcycle magazines and newsletters available at dealer locations
. Bulletin boards of community centers, supermarkets and at local shops
. Ask local repair shops
. Online auction sites
. Inquire with friends or family members
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