Together we're making history.

We are all shaped by history. Not necessarily by the events that occur, but by how we interpret those events. In 40 Years of racing we’ve witnessed events that have helped shape the company we’ve become. The sport we love has really progressed since the days of goat-skin riding pants, open face helmets, and riders like Torsten Hallman, Roger DeCoster, and Marty Smith. Today it’s dominated by ballistic nylon pants, carbon fiber helmets, and riders like Chad Reed, Ivan Tedesco, Travis Pastrana, and Ryan Villopoto.

That progression has been fueled by you, the rider. We spend countless hours designing and developing performance products that are tailored specifically for you. Every product is a progression, a new step forward in design and performance that’s purpose built for today’s rider. We’ve been doing it longer than anyone else, and better than anyone else. And we don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. So, sit back and help us blow out the candles on another year.., Together we’re making history.

Build the quickest, lightest, best handling machine that can take all the abuse of the roughest tracks on earth and still come out a winner. The last 4 decades have seen an incredible amount of change when it comes to bike technology and the future is sure to see the same. Think you’ve seen all the tricks the manufacturers have up their sleeves... think again. Because just when you think you’ve seen it all that’s when things really change.

If you were riding back in the early days of moto, there’s a good chance you were wearing a pair of our Hallman leather riding pants. You see, we’ve been building moto gear for this sports champions for the last 40 years. What started out as 4-time World MX Champion Torsten Hallman’s desire to make quality riding gear available to USA riders, has become the premier brand of performance riding gear in the world. Of course, our products have seen the same type of technological advancements that the bikes have seen. Gone are the days of hot and heavy leather pants, replaced by lightweight materials with high-tech performance and amazing durability. Every product we build is based upon the experience and expertise we’ve gained over the past 40 years. That’s something no other brand can offer, and it’s why Thor products fit better, last longer, and out-perform the competition.

It's all about the rider. Everything we do is centered around that statement. We build products for riders. We've been doing it longer than anyone else, and better than anyone else. Thor was founded by 4-time World 250cc Motocross Champion Torsten Hallman. From Sweden, Torsten "Mr. Motocross" traveled to America in the '60s, entered 9 races, won all 23 motos, and started roots for America's first motocross apparel company in 1968.

Eventually known as Torsten Hallman Original Racewear (or Off Road) later to become Thor. We've come a long way since goat skin racing gear. The list of champion Thor riders is long and will continue. Every rider is different. You have your own style and your own lines. That's why we offer a variety of gear that's designed for individual styles. Our vast dealership network is sure to meet your demands for quality Thor MX products. Thor is dedicated to you - the rider.

When you think about it, this is a crazy business we’re in.

Here we are building gear for riders that do things on bikes that not only defy the laws of physics, they defy the laws of common sense.

Yet this is our life. We’re committed to building performance products that don’t just meet rider expectations, they exceed them on every level.

Need a Helmet that offers increased air? ow, peripheral vision, and weighs under three pounds… check.

Need a Pant that’s ultra-light, super vented and can still handle the abuse… check.

How about a Roost Protector that’ll convert from a full version to a front-only in seconds, weighs almost nothing, and includes a numberplate… check.

This is just a sampling of what awaits you on the following pages. This year we’ve re? ned, tweaked, and improved every product in our line. We’ve added tons of new products, and new features. Yes, we do offer some sportswear for when you’re not riding, but it’s only for real riders that shop in real motorcycle shops.

Thor products are worn and endorsed by some of the greatest riders of all time: Chad Reed, Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Tim Ferry, Ivan Tedesco, Nate Adams, Sebastien Tortelli, Michael Byrne, Grant Langston and many more. In fact, Thor products have ? nished at the front of more Supercross races in the last 3 years than any other brand, and have been honored with countless “Readers Choice” awards from the press.

We hope that some of our products end up in your gearbag, and that they make your next ride a little better, because for us they aren’t just products…they are life.
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