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Storage and Maintenance Guide for Your Skateboard

As a skateboarder, you should take care of your wheels! It’s your skateboard, transportation device and favorite fun toy.

How to Store Away Your Skateboard When Not In Use

Once done with your skate session, it’s time to put your skateboard to sleep. Consider four things when looking for a spot to put it to rest.

  • Moisture – You’ve got a prized chunk of wood that will absorb water so make sure you will put it in a clean dry area, preferably indoors, away from rain and wet hands who might attempt to steal it
  • Temperature – Wood expands with high heat and contracts when it gets cooler. Choose a place that will not have too much contrasting temperature. Extreme temperature will also affect the metal parts like the truck.
  • Dust - Your bearings will be much affected by dust so it might be best to cover your board if you are planning to store it for a longer period in case you can’t ride it. There are ways to clean it, sure, but it’s not a very likeable task to do often.
  • Safety – Consider safety for people and your skateboard. You wouldn’t risk anyone tripping on your skateboard or having it fall on someone. The best place may either be under your bed or inside a closet
** Bottom Line – Store your skateboard indoors.


Boards will bump, slide through, and likely come in contact with the roughness of cement, asphalt and other surfaces.

The nose and tail will be much affected by crashes and bailing out causing them to get thinner with the edges of your deck chipping off. If you are seeing splintered wood, sand it down. If the edges start to become sharp, round it off. A fractured board will be useless and you might just consider hanging it as decoration in your room.

Other Care Notes:

  • Trim off any hanging grip tape. Make sure to clip off any rips and tears so they do not get any larger.
  • Wipe dust and pebbles off the wheels.
  • Clean and lubricate the bearings weekly or depending on usage.


What’s great about skateboards is that you can mix and match parts, buy what you need and what gets worn out.

Wheels trucks, grip tapes, bearings and decks are sold individually. For a safe and remarkable time skating, change a part that is likely to fall apart before it causes you to fall.

The harder you ride, the greater is the tendency of your skateboard to approach its replacement cycle.

Inspect your board before and after a session. Wheels may start having flat spots or they’d hardly turn. Noses and tails of the deck may get sharpened or fractured.

Grip tapes are vulnerable to tears. Bearings loosen up and so does the trucks. When you see signs that might make riding dangerous, visit a skate shop instead of risking your own safety.