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Keep Your Harley Cruising Smooth: Why Spectro Oils Might Be the Perfect Choice

Owning a Harley Davidson cruiser is about more than just riding a motorcycle - it's about experiencing the open road, the rumble of the engine, and the freedom of two wheels. But just like any prized possession, keeping your Harley in top condition requires dedicated care, and that starts with the right engine oil. In this post, we'll delve into why Spectro 10W40 OEM Blend Oil and Spectro Golden/Maxima 20W50e might be the perfect choice for your beloved cruiser.

Understanding Viscosity: Why Weight Matters

Motorcycle engine oil comes in different viscosities, denoted by numbers like 10W40 and 20W50. These numbers represent the oil's thickness at different temperatures. 10W40 is a thinner oil that flows better at cold starts, ensuring proper lubrication from the get-go. 20W50 is a thicker oil, better suited for hotter environments and high-performance riding, providing a more robust film of protection.

Spectro 10W40 OEM Blend Oil: Tailored for Harley Performance

  • Harley-Davidson® API SN & JASO MA Certification: Meets the specific requirements of Harley engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection.
  • Friction Modification Technology: Reduces friction and wear, promoting engine longevity and smoother operation.
  • Superior Detergency: Keeps your engine clean by preventing sludge and varnish buildup.
  • Enhanced Thermal Stability: Maintains viscosity at high operating temperatures, protecting against wear and tear.
  • Improved Cold Flow: Flows readily at cold starts, ensuring immediate lubrication and reducing wear.

Spectro Golden/Maxima 20W50e: Unleashing Your Inner Rider

  • JASO MA2 Certification: Exceeds industry standards for wet clutch performance, crucial for smooth gear changes and preventing clutch slippage.
  • Extra Shear Stability: Maintains viscosity under extreme pressure and heat, providing superior film strength for high-performance riding.
  • High Flash Point: Resists thermal breakdown, ideal for hotter environments and sustained high speeds.
  • Reduced Friction & Wear: Minimizes internal engine friction, maximizing power output and engine life.

Choosing the Right Oil: Consider Your Riding Style

Ultimately, the best oil for your Harley depends on your riding style and environment. Both Spectro options offer excellent protection, but here's a quick guide:

Spectro 10W40 OEM Blend Oil: Ideal for everyday riding, moderate climates, and extended oil change intervals.

Spectro Golden/Maxima 20W50e: Perfect for performance riding, hot climates, frequent gear changes, and extended high-speed runs.

Remember: Consult your Harley Davidson owner's manual for the recommended oil weight and API/JASO specifications for your specific model and riding conditions.

Beyond the Oil: Spectro's Commitment to Quality

Spectro has a long history of developing high-quality lubricants for motorcycles. They use premium base oils and advanced additives to ensure their products meet the demanding needs of Harley engines. Additionally, Spectro actively participates in Harley-Davidson testing programs, ensuring their oils comply with the manufacturer's stringent standards.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Harley Running Strong

Choosing the right engine oil is crucial for the longevity and performance of your Harley Davidson cruiser. Spectro 10W40 OEM Blend Oil and Spectro Golden/Maxima 20W50e offer excellent protection and performance, tailored to the specific needs of Harley engines and various riding styles. By understanding your riding habits and climate, you can choose the perfect Spectro oil to keep your Harley cruising smoothly for years to come. Remember, regular oil changes using the recommended oil are essential for maintaining peak performance and protecting your investment. So, fire up your engine, choose the right Spectro oil, and hit the open road with confidence!

Motorhelmets Metric Cruiser Oil Change Special

Oil Options:

  • Spectro 10W40 OEM Blend Oil
  • Spectro Golden/Maxima 20W50

Filter: Premium HiFlo Filter included

Purpose: Essential maintenance to ensure proper lubrication and performance of the motorcycle's engine.

Recommended Frequency: Typically every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or as per manufacturer's guidelines.


  • Maintains engine cleanliness and longevity.
  • Ensures optimal engine performance.
  • Helps prevent overheating and excessive wear.

Included in Service:

  • Drain old engine oil.
  • Replace oil filter with Premium HiFlo Filter.
  • Refill engine with selected oil type.

Additional Information:

  • OEM Blend Oil suitable for standard performance.
  • Spectro Golden/Maxima recommended for enhanced performance or specific engine requirements.


  • $100.00 for 10W40 OEM Blend Oil.
  • $135.00 for 20W50 Golden/Maxima Oil.

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General HD Service Guideline Below

Maintain regular service on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Regular intervals is recommended for optimal performance. Service should be at 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 Miles. Every 5 thousand miles thereafter.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Service Center Fullerton Orange County California at Motorhelmets

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Maintenance Suggestions
Simple Self Maintenance Tips between visits to our service shop.

  • Clean the battery terminals, coat with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion
  • Examine pivot points and moving parts for signs of wear/ interference
  • Check the standing voltage at each battery terminal (using a multimeter)
  • Check for failed fork seals and dripping fluid under the bike
  • Check for blown fuses and ensure that spares are present
  • A well maintained Harley Davidson motorcycle with high mileage is always better than a poorly maintained bike with low miles

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