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Harley Davidson Motorcycles Service Center Fullerton Orange County California at Motorhelmets

Keeping the Rubber Rolling: A Guide to Metric Cruiser & Harley Davidson Tire Changes

Understanding Tire Changes:

  • A tire change involves removing the old tire from the rim, mounting a new one, and balancing the wheel assembly to ensure smooth operation at high speeds. This process typically includes:
    • Wheel removal: Loosen and remove the nuts or bolts securing the wheel to the motorcycle's axle.
    • Tire removal: Using a tire machine, the old tire is broken from the rim, allowing it to be removed.
    • Rim inspection: The mechanic visually inspects the rim for any damage or debris that could affect the new tire.
    • New tire mounting: The new tire is carefully mounted onto the rim, ensuring proper bead placement and avoiding pinching.
    • Balancing: The wheel assembly is placed on a balancing machine to identify any weight imbalances. Small weights are then added to the rim to counteract any imbalances and ensure smooth rotation.
    • Reinstallation: The balanced wheel is reinstalled on the motorcycle, and the axle nuts or bolts are tightened to the proper torque specifications.

The Cost Equation:

  • Tire change costs vary depending on the size of the tires, the type of tires chosen, and the shop's labor rates:
    • Tire Change (Tires Off the Bike): $35.00
    • HD/Cruiser Tires Front (Tires On the Bike):$80.00 - $120.00
    • HD/Cruiser Tires Rear (Tires on the Bike): $120.00 - $200.00

Additional Considerations:

  • Tire disposal fees: Some shops may charge an additional fee for disposing of the old tires.
  • Valve stem replacement: If the valve stems are old or damaged, they may need to be replaced at an additional cost.
  • Mounting tires purchased elsewhere: Some shops, like Motorhelmets, charge an additional $10 if the tires are not purchased from their store.

DIY or Pro?

  • While changing a tire might seem straightforward, consider these factors before tackling it yourself:
    • Specialized tools: A tire machine and a balancing machine are essential for proper tire changes and are not typically available to the average home mechanic.
    • Safety considerations: Improperly mounted or unbalanced tires can lead to serious safety hazards while riding.
    • Torque specifications: Over-tightening or under-tightening axle nuts can damage components and compromise safety.

Beyond the Change:

  • Maintaining optimal tire health involves additional practices:
    • Regular inspections: Regularly check your tire pressure and tread depth to ensure they meet manufacturer recommendations and safety standards.
    • Proper storage: When storing your motorcycle for extended periods, inflate the tires to recommended pressures to prevent flat spots.
    • Avoid overloading: Exceeding the weight limit of your motorcycle can put undue stress on the tires, leading to premature wear and potential blowouts.

Ride Safely, Ride Confidently:

  • By understanding the importance of tire changes, their costs, and valuable tips, you can ensure your metric cruiser or Harley Davidson is equipped with safe, reliable tires for every adventure. Remember, properly maintained tires are crucial for your safety and riding enjoyment. So, don't wait until a flat tire halts your journey – schedule regular tire checks and changes, and keep your motorcycle rolling worry-free!

Bonus Tip:

  • Consult your motorcycle's owner's manual for recommended tire pressures and tread depth limits specific to your model. Regularly checking these aspects ensures your tires are performing optimally and safely.

Motorhelmets Metric Cruiser / Harley Davidson Tire Changes Services

Service Description:

  • Tire Change for Most Cruiser Motorcycle Bike (Tires off the Bike)
  • Harley Davidson Cruiser Front Tire Change (Tires On the Bike)
  • Harley Davidson Cruiser Rear Tire Change (Tires On the Bike)

When to Perform the Service:

  • Recommended when tires are worn below the legal limit, showing signs of aging (like cracks or flat spots), or every 5 years, regardless of the tread depth, due to rubber degradation.
  • Before long trips, racing events, or when changing tire types for different riding conditions (e.g., switching from street to off-road tires).


  • Service intervals vary based on tire wear, usage conditions, and riding style. Regular inspections are advised to assess the need for replacement.


  • Ensuring tires are in good condition is crucial for rider safety, as worn or damaged tires significantly increase the risk of accidents.
  • New tires improve handling, braking performance, and overall ride quality.
  • Proper tire maintenance and timely replacement contribute to fuel efficiency and prolong the lifespan of motorcycle components.


  • Tire Change for Most Bikes - $35.00 (Tires Off the Bike)
  • HD/Cruiser Front Tire Change - $80.00 - $120.00 (Tires On the Bike)
  • HD/Cruiser Rear Tire Change - $120.00 - $200.00

NOTE: Add $10.00 if Tires not Purchased at Motorhelmets

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General HD Service Guideline Below

Maintain regular service on your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Regular intervals is recommended for optimal performance. Service should be at 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 Miles. Every 5 thousand miles thereafter.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Service Center Fullerton Orange County California at Motorhelmets

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Maintenance Suggestions
Simple Self Maintenance Tips between visits to our service shop.

  • Clean the battery terminals, coat with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion
  • Examine pivot points and moving parts for signs of wear/ interference
  • Check the standing voltage at each battery terminal (using a multimeter)
  • Check for failed fork seals and dripping fluid under the bike
  • Check for blown fuses and ensure that spares are present
  • A well maintained Harley Davidson motorcycle with high mileage is always better than a poorly maintained bike with low miles

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Service Center

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