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STREET & SPORTS BIKE MOTORCYCLES SERVICE CENTER Fullerton Orange County California at Motorhelmets

Breathe New Life into Your Ride: Minor Service Special for Motorcycles

Essential Maintenance at an Affordable Price:

  • For only $475.00, our certified technicians will perform a comprehensive service, focusing on vital aspects of your motorcycle's health:
    • Engine Oil and Filter Change: Fresh engine oil removes harmful contaminants and protects your engine for extended periods. We'll also replace the oil filter to ensure optimal filtration of impurities.
    • Air Filter Check and Clean: A clean air filter allows optimal airflow to the engine, maximizing power and fuel efficiency. We'll meticulously check your air filter and clean it if possible. If it's excessively dirty or damaged, we'll recommend a replacement.
    • Chain Lube, Clean, and Adjust (if applicable): Chains require regular cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment to maintain optimal performance and prevent premature wear. Our service includes a thorough cleaning, proper lubrication, and adjustment to ensure smooth operation and power transfer.
    • Clutch Line Lube: Lubricating the clutch cable ensures smooth clutch operation and prevents binding.
    • Fluid Top-offs: We'll check and top off your brake and coolant fluids if necessary. This ensures proper braking performance and engine cooling.


  • Throttle: We'll ensure smooth throttle response and proper engine operation for precise control.
  • Clutch: Proper clutch adjustment maintains smooth engagement and disengagement, crucial for gear changes.


  • Braking System: We'll verify proper brake pad wear and ensure the system is functioning optimally for safe stopping power.
  • Tire Pressure: We'll check and adjust tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommended specifications for optimal handling, safety, and fuel efficiency.
  • Cooling System: We'll ensure proper coolant circulation and function of the cooling system to prevent overheating.
  • Idle: We'll check and adjust the engine's idle speed for a smooth and consistent idle.

Additional Considerations:

  • Lever Adjustments: We'll adjust your clutch and brake levers for optimal comfort and control.
  • Visual Inspection: Our technicians will perform a visual inspection of your motorcycle, looking for any signs of damage or leaks that might require further attention.

Benefits of a Minor Service:

  • Improved Performance: Regular maintenance ensures your engine runs smoothly, efficiently, and delivers optimal power.
  • Enhanced Safety: A comprehensive inspection and adjustments ensure your motorcycle's braking system, tires, and other critical components are functioning properly, keeping you safe on the road.
  • Extended Lifespan: By addressing potential issues early on and preventing wear and tear, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your motorcycle.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your motorcycle has received a thorough service provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on enjoying the ride.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late:

Preventative maintenance is an investment in your riding experience. Don't wait for problems to arise before addressing them. Take advantage of our Minor Service Special today and keep your motorcycle running smoothly and safely for miles to come.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and ensure your motorcycle is ready for your next adventure. Remember, a well-maintained motorcycle is a happy motorcycle (and a happy rider)!

Motorhelmets Street & Sports Bike Minor Service Special

Service Description:

  • Change engine oil and filter.
  • Air filter checked and cleaned.
  • Chain lubricated, cleaned, and adjusted.
  • Clutch line lubricated.
  • Brake and coolant fluids checked and topped off.
  • Throttle adjusted.
  • Clutch adjusted.
  • Braking system checked.
  • Tire pressure adjusted.
  • Cooling system checked.
  • Idle speed checked.
  • Levers adjusted.

Cost: $475.00


  • Ensures proper functioning of essential components.
  • Helps maintain the performance and longevity of the motorcycle.
  • Regular maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns.
  • Improves safety by ensuring critical systems are in good condition.

Additional Information:

  • Recommended as part of routine maintenance.
  • Performed at specified intervals according to the motorcycle's service manual.

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General Street and Sports Bike Motorcycle Service Guideline Below

Regularly inspect your bike for any signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Specific service intervals may vary depending on your motorcycle's make, model, riding style, and operating conditions. Always refer to your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended service schedule and specifications. If you're not comfortable performing any maintenance tasks yourself, take your bike to a qualified mechanic for service.

STREET & SPORTS BIKE MOTORCYCLES SERVICE CENTER Fullerton Orange County California at Motorhelmets

Street & Sportsbike Motorcycle Maintenance Suggestions
Simple Self Maintenance Tips between visits to our service shop.

  • Take a quick walk around your bike for a visual inspection before every ride.
  • Look for any drips or stains under the bike, indicating potential fluid leaks.
  • Inspect tires for proper inflation, wear, and any embedded objects.
  • Check for proper chain tension and lubrication.
  • Ensure all lights are working properly, including headlight, taillight, brake lights, and turn signals.
  • Check and adjust tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommended level using a reliable pressure gauge.
  • Don't attempt tasks you're not comfortable with. If you're unsure about any maintenance procedure, consult a qualified mechanic.
  • Safety first! Always wear proper safety gear while performing any maintenance on your motorcycle.


Fullerton / Orange County California

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Let our professionals keep your streetbikes in the best condition

Located in Southern California, serving Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Whittier, Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Motorhelmets Motorcycle Shop has a team of experienced professionals available to assist with any motorcycle-related issues. Their highly experienced technicians and mechanics can service most Harley Davidson, European, and Japanese Motorcycles and most types of bikes, including sport bikes, road bikes, cruisers, ATVs/Quads & Dirt Bikes.

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