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"If there is anything else that will equate to “premium” in the motorcycle helmet industry, it’s got to be Shoei."

The company started in Japan in 1959 and has now over 50 years of experience in helmet building. The founder of the company, Mr. Eitaro Kamata, already passed away in 2012. However, the care and dedication he put from the first helmet he built lives on in every person who gets involved in making a helmet.

At present, more than 50 people are involved in the design and development of a single helmet. Additionally, the meticulous process done in their factories in Japan involves the very latest in technology with customer feedback, modern testing practices, and advanced materials combine with their more than half a decade experience of helmet building.

Shoei focuses on 6 major parts of each helmet. These parts need special attention to assure protection and comfort especially for long rides.

Part of the test done on Shoei helmets is through a wind tunnel which mimics the actual scenario of moto riders going through a stream of moving air. A state-of-the-art facility houses the wind tunnel where a helmet aerodynamics is tested. Not only the shell but the vents and spoiler are put to the test too. However, factory testing isn’t all there is. Shoei helmets are tested further in the actual track with some of the toughest world racers. Shoei’s hardcore critics include world-class riders from MOTOGP like Marc Marquez, Bradley Smith, Josh Grant, and Dean Wilson.

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